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Mongoose Metrics “Call Tracking Simplified” White Paper Reveals How and Why Call Tracking Improves ROI for Mobile Search, Local Search, PPC, Affiliate Advertising and Traditional Media

“Call Tracking Simplified” White Paper Free Download Explains How to Determine
Who’s Calling, Who’s Clicking, How and Why


July 21, 2010 – Cleveland, Ohio – Mongoose Metrics, an enterprise-level call tracking solutions provider, today released a comprehensive, seven-page white paper titled, “Call Tracking Simplified” to help marketers understand how call tracking reveals which advertising sources make the phone ring.  With 97 percent of consumers searching online before calling a business (BIA/Kelsey and ConStat Survey, Feb. 2010) tracking phone calls resulting from online searches is more important than ever before. 

Whether you’re new to web analytics or a seasoned SEO veteran, “Call Tracking Simplified” offers readers a succinct yet robust overview of call tracking.  The paper provides a summary of call tracking, a background/history of call tracking, the specifics of how the technology works as well as three case studies from successful businesses.  Readers will learn the importance of determining which keywords drive phone calls as well as how to integrate call tracking data with third party web analytics providers (Webtrends™, Google Analytics™, Omniture SiteCatalyst™), CRM software vendors (SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM) and bid management purveyors (Acquisio, Marin Software, Kenshoo). 

“We are committed to teaching the business community about the power of call tracking and how it can increase ROI by 20-to-30 percent,” says Mongoose Metrics chief executive officer, Bradley E. Reynolds.  He adds, “When you’re able to quantify the offline conversions resulting from your online marketing initiatives you have powerful data to take immediate action.” 

Download the free pdf white paper “Call Tracking Simplified” at http://www.mongoosemetrics.com/mm_whitepaper_calltrackingsimplified.php

About Mongoose Metrics
Mongoose Metrics is the authority for exposing what happens before, during and after phone conversations to assist clients with actionable data for quick and effective marketing spending. The company developed the industry’s first patent-pending phone call tracking technology which integrates phone call reports into third party web analytics packages such as Webtrends™, Google Analytics™ and Omniture SiteCatalyst.™ The company’s innovations include keyword level tracking solutions for online marketers who need to understand what paid search (PPC) traffic is driving phone calls.   In 2010, Mongoose launched Conversation Conversion Dynamics (CCD), a patent-pending speech recognition solution to determine real-time sales ROI.  Also in 2010, the company expanded its service coverage area to Canada and the United Kingdom.  Mongoose Metrics is a privately-held company based in Independence, Ohio and was founded in 2007 by information technology and telecom veterans, Stephen Abbey, Bradley Reynolds and Jeff Tirey.  For more information about Mongoose Metrics products and services visit www.mongoosemetrics.com or call 1.877.784.0496. Follow us on Twitter @mongoosemetrics.

About Call Tracking
Call tracking is one method of lead generation measurement that brings substantial and highly measurable insight to the issue of understanding online-to-offline (web-to-phone) conversions.  It enables clients to migrate from merely tracking the number of phone calls they receive from online advertising campaigns to understanding each caller’s online behavior and buying persona. 

Call tracking (with local or toll-free numbers) enables businesses to answer formerly mysterious marketing questions such as:

  • Do my Web marketing campaigns generate phone calls?
  • Do these phone calls generate revenue?
  • Do certain pages or sections of my website cause visitors to pick up the phone?  Do they take action over the phone?
  • Do prospects who call end up back on the site?  Do they end up purchasing online?

More importantly, call tracking allows businesses to calculate financial success for every form of advertising they are paying for.  With call tracking, marketers now have an increasingly powerful tool to not only measure -- but also analyze -- offline conversions (phone calls) to more effectively determine success and make informed spending decisions. 

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